Monday, February 07, 2005

The Shoe Salesman Who Swept Me Off My Feet

I just got a new pair of New Balance shoes from the Parkway World of Sports branch.
The design, make and comfort of the shoes is not as important as the man who led me to buy it.
I'm so happy with his service -- professional, non-obliging, not too friendly, very helpful and oblivious to his existence as a big help.
I was so happy I wanted to buy him flowers.
His name is Victor. He is tall and not that handsome, but decent-looking. Quite a nerd actually, but his service was pleasurable to me...
I have come to realise that good-looking guys don't appeal to me as much as the male machoness of an average-looking Joe. I find a man's pair of hands on a steering wheel absolutely sexy. I get a big kick from seeing men at work, especially of the physically labourious nature. I love to observe men concentrate as they make decisions -- that process where they take charge and are fully aware of the responsibilities entrusted to them. I think men who are in their late twenties or thirties have an attractive charm about them that comes with age, which is most of the time indicative of the cumulation of wisdom from their life experiences.
Am I some sick pervert? I love men.