Wednesday, April 27, 2005

NTU Discretionary Interview

I went for an interview with NTU a couple of weeks ago. It was a discretionary admissions interview (I applied through drama -- my stint at The Necessary Stage. (Can you believe the interview was on a Sunday?)

Those bespectacled professors asked me about theatre, teaching, psychology, theatre and teaching, teaching and psychology, psychology and theatre and Kuo Pao Kun.
"Tell us, how much do you know about Kuo Pao Kun?"

"Hm.. He wrote 'The Coffin Is Too Big For The Hole', 'No Parking On Odd Days'... And he's dead."

Although I looked about five times more confident than the other contenders, I think I flopped it.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Birthday Gift Flown All The Way From New York!

Very unglamourous pictures of me right after my shower. This is what Gracie Baby (a naughty girl who's closer to my sister's age than mine..) sent me for my birthday all the way from Long Island. I love packages! (=

Opening it...... Really excited...

Taking a peek!

Tadaa!!! A two-piece! Trust kinky and naughty Grace to send me this!

Hi Grace! Thankew!!!

Hmm... Do you think Ly will like it?

My breastless breast.

Dare I put the last one up? It's me clad in the tiny pieces of material.. hahahaa... probably not!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

I almost forgot my blog username and password.

I have just finished reading last Sunday's Lifestyle.
Those papers had been sitting on my table for an entire week. (Sunday papers are a must-read for me.)

I keep thinking that and expecting the next week to be a better week than the one before.
The parents-teachers meeting where I had student portfolios and comments to write took place the last two Saturdays (so much for the 5-day week). The upper ranks of my school think that Howard Gardner's 8 intelligences theory is an innovative format to base our comments on each child on. They have dreams to show this never-done-before idea during the annual congregation of MOE schools at Suntec. The main point is I had to write about all my 33 children's 8 different intelligences -- whether they have them or not. The 8 intelligences are:
1) Verbal/Linguistic i.e. English oral and written
2) Mathematical/Logical i.e. aptitude for Maths and ability to reason
3) Visual/Spacial i.e. I easily commented on their Art for this one
4) Musical/Rhythmic i.e. Tone-deaf or not
5) Kinesthetic i.e. Can run and bounce a ball? Walks about and figits in class?
6) Interpersonal i.e. Getting along with friends and teachers
7) Intrapersonal i.e. Self-confidence? Self-reflection?
8) Naturalist This beats me too. So far, I've shallowly and in desperation limited my comments to the child's interest in nature and care for her environment, although I'm sure it is more than just that.

The UpperLevel wants to have every single bubble filled because it is believed that all children have all 8 intelligences, even if it is to varying degrees (e.g. negligible). I have been told to write comments positively and am banned from writing "Not observable" in any section.

Can you imagine how difficult this is: to observe 33 kids through the term, document your observations, to have every section filled (it is akin to squeezing blood out of a dry rock) and euphemistically and politically-correctly phrase my not-necessarily-accurate observations. Now you know why those letters have been going to the press about the strain of teaching.

I love the kids; I love teaching. It is what happens after the dismissal bell rings that taxes me.

I promise to resurrect my blog properly. Expect more (I'm putting on pressure on myself to deliver..) pictures too. Hopefully some naughty ones can get published..