Thursday, April 27, 2006

Know Thy Enemy

I fear the day my sister finds a boyfriend. Just like what she is already experiencing from me, I'd get less of her. Her boyfriend would be my enemy -- at least in terms of getting her attention, and if he makes her cry.

She said she likes Malaysian guys (from whatever interactions she has had with Malaysian scholars I believe).

Over dinner in hall with a bunch of nice wholesome Malaysian boys one evening last week, I picked one out and told him I'd like him to meet my sister. Sean's a really pleasant fellow. He's got this SNAG element. In a our group conversations, he seems to always be the most respectful one and he treats me with all seriousness (even at this half-joke). He is actually looking forward to meeting my sister. Hahaha! He is serious, but he isn't desperate. I like that about him.
Yes, I am possibly hastening the pace of my sister getting hitched into some relationship, but at least I know my enemy... (=