Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sugardaddy Me?

I'm hitting my 21st year of existence in 10 days time..
In case you feel obliged (be it lovingly and dotingly, if you're a chee-ko-pek who happened to enter my blog, or simply because you know I expect you to know it's my birthday), I shall hlep to make things easier for you nice people. ;p Here's a simple What-You-Can-Get-Me List:

1) Fruits that I don't usually buy for myself:
- Cherries
- Strawberries
- Mangoes
- Peaches
- Cranberries

2) Big haversack for school to throw in my Malay dictionary, files, water bottle, tissue packets, a snack, notes, swimming costume and towel (oh wait, I just bought that for myself last weekend)

3) A manicure voucher (I just want someone to help me clear my cuticles.. I don't know how to do it myself. Don't quite need the full colour and polishing package)

4) Movie vouchers (that's one thing I surely won't throw away :)

5) Scotts Toilet Rolls (the kind with the flower embossments on them) - Currently I use whatever my Dad steals from hotels, ships and planes. I love tissues that treat skin like the most delicate thing in the world.. even if it's the skin on my ass..

6) A non-fabric wrist support pad for my (computer) mouse (the one I bought in China is leaking water, but plugged temporarily by bluetack)

7) Bluetack that isn't blue (I am a sucker for colours)

8) T-shirts that I can go braless in when I am bumming in my hostel room..

9) Shorts (I only have FBTs now)

10) An eyeliner - I don't quite see the need for one yet, but I had a bit of fun with it during production and I won't mind a new toy

11) A set of neat ring binder files to file the coming-of-age important documents that come my way (e.g. insurance statements, bank statements, CPF statements, university documents, certificates, letters to and from important possibly-life-changing organisations, letters from special people etc.)
12) ONE below-$20 middle-size soft toy (approximately the 3/4 the size of an infant), preferbly with limbs so I can imagine it to be my baby, non-furry (it's scary what that synthetic fur can trap), the Mogu-imitation kind of texture would be nice.. I just need one fellow for my bed.
Aiya.. very practical and affordable stuff lah... I am a very easy to please girl. (= Will update the list if I think of more...
By the way, If you're really a sugar daddy:
1) a 15" LCD monitor for my desktop in hostel
2) a bicycle with good suspension and crotch support
3) a pair of tickets to "Grease"
4) a supplementary credit card