Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lea Salonga Gets Married

As some of you may know, Lea Salonga (from the Miss Saigon fame) is my most worshipped vocal goddess. She recently got married and had a baby.

I love this one. The vocal recording has been integrated with the video taken from her wedding.

I always tear when I watch this (about 10 times). I think it's the strategic way the violin is arranged into this piece along with Rob Chien (her husband) crying as she walks down the aisle. I have a penchant for crying men.. ;p

Let me know if you like it too. I have always wondered whether I have an acquired taste, or Lea Salonga is plain international.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Happy Entry Finally!

The BF has gone overseas.. literally.. he took a boat, crossed over the sea, and is now in Batam rara-ing with the church camp that I would have loved to be part of but can't because of my university exams.

But I have a date tomorrow night! Scandalous.. muahahhaa...

I'm going to watch a play tomorrow evening, "Secret Bridesmaids' Business", a play to fulfil my Theatre Studies module exam requirement, and frankly, a break from studying. 2nd year studying doesn't seem all that fun anymore.

My date.. is a girl friend! Yey! I have not watched a show with a female companion (besides Mum and Sis) for eons because I watch all my shows with the BF. I'm really excited. I'm sorry if you don't feel the same euphoria I'm experiencing now... Hahaha.. I'm jubilant!

I'm really excited.. We're going to catch dinner too. =)))))
We had a really high-frequency girly nice conversation in the middle of my dreary night of studying. It really cheered me up. Had been feeling melancholic today.

The thing about girl friends is that there are so little expectations (compared to BFs) between us. And there's a certain craziness that comes about from being in an all-girl environment.

Yey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

I feel jumpy...

Monday, November 06, 2006

News! News! Updates!

Hi guys,

Just visited my blog since a long time ago. The last few entries have been very angsty and tiring to read. My apologies. I'll try to write when I'm in better spirits. It's not that I haven't been, but I guess when I'm in the dumps and feel like I have no where else to go, this blog is my lastest of last resorts.

By the fact that I am here again means things aren't that fine and dandy, but I shan't brood.

I have some good news though. I'm going to the University of California, Berkeley next semester (probably departing on 6 January 07 on a non-SIA flight). It's a student exchange programme for one semester (no $ and guts to apply for a whole year there).

Oh, and I am moving house somewhere in this month. Mum just got the keys to our new place at Dover. Yes, it's a farcry from living in the east. My Mum has got this itchy backside syndrome -- this is my 7th home, and Mum's on the way to getting her 13th car (one car after the other, not the concurrent ownership of 13 cars).

It's a two-bedroom apartment for our family of 3 (Dad's a part-time feature). Cui can wake up 15 minutes before school starts. I think Mum is trying to chase me out of the house -- my sister and I are going to have a problem with wardrobe space. We currently have 2 cupboards each.. Now it'd be halved.

I'll still live in hall since I won't quite have the privacy of a bedroom to myself there and both my sister and I are quite bulky creatures. Ah.. but it'd be nice to know that family is just 10minutes away compared to 40minutes now.

These transitions seem quite exciting..

I'm really excited about Berkeley. Everyday a new thrill comes to me:

  • I'll get to eat all the salad to my heart's content (it'd probably be more decently priced in America than here in Singapore).

  • I'll get to use a laptop (I don't own one now, but I'll have to get one specially for this overseas stint), mobile information technology.

  • I'll have to stop using Singlish and slow down my erratic-speeded speech. I won't form the racial majority. I may not be the most outspoken in class anymore.

  • I'll have a new hostel and a new community to live with.

  • I'll get to go shopping in a new fashion area. I can probably buy kids' sizes. Pants may finally fit my non-Asian 36" ass.

  • I'll get to attend a new church and observe a different style of churchiness.