Friday, June 30, 2006

Daniel Goh calls Idols' parents "Uncle & Aunty"

On Singapore Idol's Wildcard Results show last night, Daniel Goh interviewed the contestents' parents, addressing them as "Uncles" and "Aunties".
So Singaporean right?
Can you imagine Ryan Seacrest doing the same?
I love it. I love this culture where I have grown up in. It's Asian, it's Singaporean where our elders are regarded with respect.
McDonald's employees in most parts of the world consists of the marginal members of the workforce -- the lowly educated, the disabled, the ethnically marginal, housewives, the transient non-committed student employees and most of all, senior citizens. They are paid the minimum wage. Yet I believe that the elder workers are treated with respect most of the time here in Asia, or at least Singapore. Up to now, I still say, "Thank you, Aunty," when my table is cleared.
Isn't it such a nice society? Yes, I know we have all the kiasuism, bad service, lousy courtesy and other social ills, but respect for the elders are one of the few nuggets of grace we still have.