Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Old Memories

Oh guys, I'm feeling so lonely here in hostel. I can't believe I stupidly dragged myself here, waking up at 6AM this morning to hitch a ride to hall, in spite of the fact that it's the one-week mid-term break now and hall is a dead place. And my threshold for loneliness is almost non-existent.
I had both lunch and dinner alone today. Ahh!! That's torturous. I can't believe I actually ta-powed dinner up today, watched BBC on my PC and ate my nasi briyani. I feel so alone here.
It seems to be a trend. Being part of a production never fails to make me feel so lonely all over again. I always thought it was because I had a small role, but no, it's really just me. Even playing the star in this show did not socialise me. I am just plain anti-social when it comes to these rara events. By the last few days of production, I was feeling so lonely in the dressing room as everyone went around taking photos and playing cards. I don't know what inhibits me from joining the reverie. Perhaps it is a lack of meaningful relationships.
Anyway, I was looking through some old photos and guess what? Look at what I unearthed!

2004: The Necessary Stage's Theatre For Youth Ensemble M1 Youth Connection "Secrets From My Room" with Chong Tze Chien (who has gone on to a better life with The Finger Players)

3 layers of latex on my face to achieve this aged effect.

In the end, I did not join the old team, but became the smooth moon-face with the environmentally-unfriendly tonne of white hairspray.

Look! This is the one photo I am most excited about.

Looking at who was there with me on my 19th birthday and performance in 2004 and comparing it with those who came again for my show 2 years later. Mike, Michelle, Tengren, Hongsheng, Gracie (albeit from afar this time), Sweets, my dear sister and Mum!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Production's Over!

I can't believe it. It's finally over. It's really over.
2.5 months of intensive rehearsals,
Late nights & missing hall breakfasts,
Falling in love all over again,
making out, kissing and slapping,
Learning to play a woman & a girl (my first truly feminine role),
getting hurt by people,
but seeing the beauty of many others,
growing in myself,
cold stays in the UCC (University Cultural Centre),
heavy make-up, killer hairspray and mic-up,
2 Nights @ the UCC with more than 40 close friends and relatives who made me matter,
Mum & her Aunty gang,
Cui's unceasing support,
late-night supper,
Ly delivering Vitagen, a superb egg-mayo sandwich & transporting me,
lesions on my chest from the repeated application & removal of double-sided tape (to prevent me from zhao-genging).

Some photos. I didn't take many. I intend to go kapo photos from everyone else in production. Photos of friends and family who came are on film, and aren't developed yet.

This update entry is specially for you, Gracie. Thanks for your support even though you're so far away in Long Island.

Publicity Poster @ The Arts Canteen
2 weeks before Production dates
The Girls of the Pearl & their Hum-Sup Patrons

Thank you everyone who made the effort to come. Your presence really means the world to me. You made production meaningful and worthwhile. Thank you for showing me that I matter to you.

Berwine and Chelsea - You've been with me since my first performance in 1999..
Yi Ting - I can't believe you're still with me after all these years. Thank you Ting for making the effort to keep in touch and to keep a place in your heart for me.. mMuack!
Michelle, Mike & Tengren - I can really count on you guys! Even after coming for my awful performance with The Necessary Stage in March 2005, you guys still have faith!
Justin - Yes, despite all...
Yes, there are others too, but they don't visit my blog so I've found other means to thank them. ;p

More photos..

The ensemble girls. Look at the black band round Lishi's (in cobalt blue) thigh. That's the mic receiver (I don't know the exact technical jargon for it). While mine was strapped around my waist, the ensemble girls decided to put theirs around their thighs. I thought it looked like a great alternative to the garters that we couldn't afford to buy.

This is Sebestian, who plays Jing, my love interest. He apparently wasn't too keen on posing with me. Nevertheless, this is the only image I have of him, besides the ubiquitous posters. This was taken on the first night. Our hair wasn't done in the most flattering way. I looked like a drowned sotong with my thin hair plastered down my egg-shaped head.

A slightly better shot. This was my hairdo for the 2nd night. Next to me is Elvin, who plays the comedic pimp and close friend to my character, En.

"Memories of A Red Autumn" Memorabilia: 2 publicity posters, the programme, a sweet letter from my sister with a hand-made badge "Wei the Star", a card and chocolates from Grace, another sweetie levelmate, and her boyfriend, flowers in the background..