Sunday, February 11, 2007

Not on top of the world..

I'm feeling blue on a sad rainy Saturday night.

Maybe the first pangs of unpleasant feelings of being away from home are beginning to set in after a month here.

I usually love the rain back in Singapore, but it just seems so miserable when it rains here. The rainy season has come; we've had rain for the last 3 days consecutive. Can't-leave-home-without-an-umbrella kind of rain.

The food here never seem satisfying enough. They are no-kick foods.. Too oily, too tasteless, too salty, too American.. And American price too for really poor quality food. I don't like beef and that's what they seem to have in abundance here too.

I walked in to the International House cafetaria (all residents have to subscribe to the meal plan here). I had a look at the food and my stomach decided that not one of those earthy toned food could go down. It was the first time I couldn't eat. They had burritos from lunch today, mash potatoes from dinner yesterday, beef in tomatoey sauce, cold rice.. I don't know. Just not my day for food I guess. I don't usually complain.


Someone drop me a nice word from home? That can fill my stomach too.