Thursday, January 17, 2008

An Attempt at An Update After 6 Months

(= Thanks to your you-haven't-been-blogging-in-a-while-and-yes-we-actually-do-go-check-your-blog-every-now-and-then, Edmond and Dale, I shall start blogging again (though I'm not sure whether my next blogging hiatus would come immediately after this entry, or a few days or months later).

I was thinking of theatre-movie-show blogging as a new year's resolution. I watch so many shows a year -- an average of one per month, 2-3 times a month if you count movies. It is a pity not to put my impression and thoughts of it down some where, which would aid in solidifying my memory of it and also helping to promote good art.

I have not blogged or written in my diary for so long that I am verbally a little dry and hesitant now. (Yes, I actually do keep a written diary. Don't you dare laugh at me -- sometimes it is what keeps me sane when there isn't anyone to hear me sort my thoughts out aloud.) It is now almost a challenge not to write sentences with the same structure,
"I (verb) (descriptive phrase)."
"It is (descriptive phrase in the passive voice)."

Just check out the first few sentences above this.

Ooh, congratulate me! Yey, I've just completed two sentences without that structure. Oh sheesh, I just broke that chain with the previous sentence ("Yey" is not an excuse).

Oh dear me, I am rambling.

Speaking of rambling and losing focus in thought, I have noticed my Mum entering the early stages of that zone as she ages. She turns 60 this year and still enjoys her work as a lawyer, dealing largely with conveyancing (the kind of lawyer who does not do those sensational court cases, but tonnes of paper work involving the transaction of private property).

In writing/blogging, time does not run real time, so I was chatting for the last 2 hours in between the last paragraph and this.

I wanted to talk about the latest show I watched, "Beauty World (cha cha cha!)" by Wild Rice held @ the Esplanade this January, but I am already tired out. Till the next entry then.

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ah choy said...

hey woman! haven't seen/talked to you in a loooong time! How are you? I'm teaching a bunch of P1s now and they are very cute heh. Anyways, my new bloggie is at
We should meet up soon!