Friday, April 24, 2009

Has grown up.. is still growing up

As I am about to enter work life soon (should I be able to find employment), and enter a lifestage that involves me getting closely associated with another family, the stakes of privacy increase. The public character of Facebook and blogs has also evolved so much that it seems increasingly important to be careful of what gets put up, and what can get misinterpreted or misused. With the adult demands of having to be politically correct, I believe I should leave evidences of my life, opinions and prejudices out of public sight. (=
I have hardly updated my blog and am unsure of there are any left in this blog's following. Nonetheless, for those who have still faithfully come on once in a while, here's my final post and a quick update.
I started this blog when I was 17 and in Junior College. I am now 24. So much has changed. Besides my skin and hair getting drier with age, and the transition from one educational institution to another, so much more has changed within me.
As I read some of my old entries, I feel embarrassed now that I am able to see my prejudices, idealism and naivity in clearer view. It is a lot easier to identify them now, thankfully because I hold less of them. (but unfortunately and probably, caught on to some new ones too.)
Biggest changes that I am proud I have acheived in the last few years:
  1. A decline of fundamentalism - mostly religious, but also universal. I am now more tolerant of differences in behaviour, modes of thinking and values. This has also allowed me to accept, not just others, but myself more.
  2. A more stable and happy me. Because I no longer strive to fit in a mold I had so tightly carved for everyone else, and myself, I am freer to pursue what I really want.

My apologies to those whom I have stepped on in my years of fundamentalism and self-righteousness.

Thank you all for reading the musings of the Honking Hink.
*Close family and friends will still have access to my irreverant thoughts at your risk.

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